re: you’ve ruined javascript

I have this theory about computer languages. A new language comes along and the “alpha devs” jump ship, and all pile onto that new language. Then they spend a few years building all the same old same old in that new language, until they get frustrated with it because they’ve turned the “wild west” into boring old “civilization”. They then complain bitterly about the downfall of their chosen new shiny language, and when a NEWER shiny comes along, they jump ship, wash, rinse, and repeat. The “beta devs” are always left one step behind, using the “civilization” left by the “alpha devs”, all the while hearing the alphas, who have moved on to greener pastures, put down the languages platforms and libs that they just left. Eventually the “beta devs” will move on to the new shiny, but by the time they do, the alphas will have already built everything over again, and will have moved on too. And so, the Wheel of Time turns.